Hotel Zelená Lagúna

Hotel Zelená Lagúna is situated on the shores of one of the cleanest bodies of water in Slovakia – the Veľká Domaša Dam. The exceptional location and unique architecture of the hotel will turn your family vacation, wedding, or celebration into an unforgettable experience. The harmonious environment that surrounds the hotel with aromatic forests is also a perfect place for business meetings, conferences, and team building sessions. Treat yourself to a perfectly pleasant experience.

Kačacie a husacie hody

Príďte ochutnať kačacie a husacie špeciality našej reštaurácie.

Jesenné prázdniny

Vychutnajte si čaro jesene na brehoch jednej z najkrajších vodných nádrží na Slovensku.
Vo veľkom hotelovom areáli, na detskom ihrisku, v plaveckom bazéne či, v detskom kútiku si Vaše deti užijú kopec zábavy.

Svätomartinské hody

Pozývame vás na
Svätomartinské hody
pri príležitosti sviatku sv. Martina, ktorý tradične oznamuje príchod zimy.
11 – 12. november 2017

Wellness pobyt

Zregenerujte telo i myseľ na Domaši počas neobmedzeného oddychu vo wellness centre a v plaveckom bazéne. Dýchajte čerstvý vzduch, kochajte sa nezabudnuteľným výhľadom a ochutnajte jedinečné gurmánske špeciality a domáce dezerty.

Platnosť balíka od 15.9.2017 do 20.12.2017

Rodinná dovolenka v apartmánovom domčeku

299 € na 3 dni a 2 noci
pre 2 dospelé osoby a 2 deti

Regional Card

A card full of discounts and designed for the locals. You can get the card by enjoying our exquisite food, the comfort of our rooms, or relaxing in our wellness world.

Swimming pool + Wellness

Open from February 13, 2016

Hotel amenities

Accessible location

The hotel is easily accessible from Košice International Airport, and also by regular public transport. Individual transport may be organised upon request.

Water sports

Swimming, fishing, or yachting. The crystal clear lake is a paradise for all water sports enthusiasts and also provides safe swimming conditions for children.

Conferences and celebrations

Perfect spaces for weddings, conferences, or team building events. The hotel can be quickly adapted to any requirements.

Activities in the area

Take a walk in the surrounding woods or visit the many unique wooden churches, castles, and the Dukla Pass national cultural monument. We also recommend visiting the Andy Warhol Museum.

World-class cuisine

The hotel’s cuisine focuses on fresh, premium-quality ingredients with an emphasis on the tastes of the region. A sensibly and tastefully assembled menu will satisfy even gourmets with the highest expectations.


We will pamper you. Utter relaxation for the body and mind can be found in our saunas, massages, procedures, and pools, where you can also enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices.